Stable Diffusion Gets Better – MidJourney Competitor #1

Stable Diffusion, #1 competitor to MidJourney gets better and better and has lofty goals, and now they can finally be realized. Need proof?

The word „love“ and other words or phrases can be visually represented by this image in a very literal way. Boom!

In the past, the ability of AI art generators to write words was a significant barrier.

However, Stable Diffusion’s most recent AI model, SDXL 1.0, which was revealed yesterday, is capable of actually writing language that is readable and does not resemble artwork created in a kindergarten classroom.

This constitutes a significant advance for marketers. Now they are able to take any image produced by AI and add on…

  • their identifying symbol.
  • brand slogans or taglines.
  • advertisement headlines.

…so you can pretty much build any kind of branded creative you can think of. Sweet! Take a moment and test yourself.

The new model has a higher resolution and is easier to customize, with shorter prompts. It also has some new features like

  • stable doodle
  • uncrop
  • stable diffusion xl

Check out these more technologically advanced enhancements if you’re a true art nerd.

This is how you should put it to use: It’s ridiculously simple to get started experimenting with SDXL on Clipdrop.

Btw, you’ll get access to the Stable Diffusion feature on Amazon Bedrock if you run a business.